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What Is Vibration Monitoring?

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What Is Vibration Monitoring?

To improve the safety of your operations for every project, HA Acoustics offers a range of remote vibration monitoring solutions to suit every project, industry and environment. Our experienced technicians can help to make sure you protect your project against vibration complaints, damage to your machinery and/or run the risk of damaging nearby buildings.

Across all industries, vibration can occur in a variety of ways. From steady vibrations from using machinery over a long period of time; to quick, pile impact vibrations which are more like a shock vibration. For team members who operate a range of tools and machinery, it can be hard to monitor vibration to protect their safety, equipment safety and nearby buildings.


As a result, HA Acoustics provide a range of vibration monitors for both the short term and the long term.

Why is vibration monitoring so important?

While a vibration may not feel particularly significant, people can be very sensitive to vibration, even if it is at very low levels. So much so that there is European legislation in place to make sure all employers conduct regular vibration monitoring and to ensure that demolition, construction, oil and gas, heavy industry activities can take place, without causing damage to their surroundings. With vibration monitoring, employers can check whether the vibration levels of tools and machinery goes over the predefined limit. If it does, then employers are quickly able to implement preventative measures such as maintenance, this protects equipment, workers and those in the surrounding area from the risks of vibration


How HA Acoustics can help

In relation to vibration monitoring, there are three many elements of legislation that you will need to comply with. These include;

  • Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005
  • Control of Pollution Act 1974.

Our team are experienced in all aspects of vibration legislation and offer small, state of the art and portable vibration monitors which can provide vibration monitoring in a variety of functions. Our monitors are able to provide peak particle velocity measures as well as triggers which give a warning if the upper limits are exceeded.

For both standby and continuous vibration monitoring, we have the solutions to suit your needs and activities. With our vibration monitors in place, employers and the leadership team can not only help to prevent injury for the workforce but ensure compliance to all of the major vibration legislation.

The benefits of our vibration monitoring systems

Our vibration monitoring devices offer a range of benefits including;

  1. Waterproof – Our monitors are placed in IP65 weatherproof cases for ultimate reliability.
  2. Wireless – We use 3G connectivity to collate, measure and store data for you to access in real-time.
  3. Always on – Our devices operate 24/7 to provide monitoring throughout the day and night to ensure you are always
  4. Notification options – We offer a range of different notification options such as email alerts and text messages.
  5. Regulated – Our devices monitor levels in accordance with regulatory compliance bodies such as British Standards.

If you want to increase your health and safety levels and improve the lives of your workforce, protect valuable machinery and/or those neighbouring sites and people in the locality then get in touch with HA Acoustics to find out more about our quick and convenient vibration monitoring systems.

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