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What is an acoustic consultant?

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What is an acoustic consultant? Guide by HA Acoustics

What is an acoustic consultant?

You may have already heard the term ‘acoustic consultant’, but understanding what it means can be the key in helping you find the right one for your project. What is an acoustic consultant? Read on to find out all you need to know about the role, skills and services acoustic consultants provide, and why you may need one. Not only can an acoustic consultant offer consultancy and noise assessment services, but they can offer expert advice on all aspects of sound testing. Finding one that understands your project needs is vital, as this is the difference between your development going ahead, it stalling completely at the planning stage or not having good acoustic qualities incorporated at architectural design stage.

What is an Acoustic Consultant required for?

At HA Acoustics, we have over 10 years of noise monitoring experience and can offer a range of acoustic sound testing services for both domestic and commercial premises. Acoustic consultants typically cover UK acoustic testing, noise investigations and remote noise monitoring, as well as sound insulation testing if you’re building a new build development or converting a block of flats. Acoustic consultants work very closely with key stakeholders on various projects, including clients, project managers, designers and contractors, to make sure the right people understand the next steps and implications of carrying out the recommended tasks.

We can also provide consultancy on designs in many different environments, whether that be a home, workplace, leisure centre, commercial or industrial site or outdoors.

Call 0203 371 9801 now for a no-obligation chat about your sound testing or acoustic consultancy requirements.

Noise impact assessments and noise testing

Acoustic consultants undertake many aspects of noise impact assessments, including noise assessments of existing buildings, industrial sites, and the impact of noise on developments like newbuilds, schools, religious facilities or even airports.

Acoustic consultants can also carry out assessments on noise levels and nuisances, and are fully qualified to provide noise mitigation advice. We can also propose mitigation strategies after assessing problem spaces and equipment, and can even assess intelligibility and reverberation time. Finally, acoustic consultants can assess environmental noise and carry out the appropriate noise surveys, as well as assessing how changes in design can affect sound levels and quality. This can help you find the right design for your project, or can help you improve your existing blueprints.

Contact us online or call 0203 371 9801 now to discuss noise impact assessments and noise testing services for your property.

Advice from acoustic experts

Acoustic consultants, including ours at HA Acoustics, are fully equipped and qualified to offer expert advice when you need it. From giving advice to architects and other designers, to carrying out acoustic analysis to help you get the most out of your project, acoustic consultants don’t just test and leave; they ensure you’re armed with the right knowledge to be able to move forward with the projects you’re working on at the time of your noise test, assessment or consultancy.

Whatever you require an acoustic consultant for, we operate all over the UK and work with businesses big and small, so no matter the size of the job we’re here to help. Call us for a free, bespoke quote on 1245 206 250 (Chelmsford), 0203 371 9801 (London) or 01752 426 118 (Plymouth). Alternatively, contact us online and one of the team will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Why choose us as your Acoustic Consultants?

The HA Acoustics team have over 10 years of noise monitoring and acoustic consultancy experience. Our acoustic experts provide acoustic sound testing services for both domestic and commercial premises. We offer a full range of acoustic services, including mechanical plant testing, noise assessments for licensed premisesnoise at work assessmentssound insulation testing. We’re here to provide the expert noise services you need, no matter where you’re located in the UK.

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