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Pre-Completion Sound Testing in South Suffolk

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Pre-Completion Sound Testing in South Suffolk

Comply with pre-completion testing regulations and enjoy better quality of life in a properly sound insulated home, with professional sound insulation testing in South Suffolk by HA Acoustics.

With the UK needing to meet an ambitious house-building quota, new builds are popping up all the time – especially in South Suffolk. This is great news for builders or those looking to buy a new property, but are the Sound Resistance Regulations being met in your development? Pre-Completion Testing Regs are in place to ensure that sound transmission in between houses and flats are at a reasonable level. Building regulations and sound insulation testing are there so that residents can enjoy a decent quality of life in their home without having to endure too much sound pollution. We carry out pre-completion sound insulation testing in South Suffolk, including Ipswich, Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Haverhill and across the county, to make sure your development offers exactly that.

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Pre-completion sound insulation testing in South Suffolk by HA Acoustics

How many sound insulation tests will I need?

To begin with, houses and flats are generally tested differently. This is because their construction is different and with flats, sound can travel further (depending on which floor you’re on). Flats will therefore tend to need one set of floor tests and one set of wall tests. Floor testing will include impact and airborne sound tests, while wall testing will include two airborne tests.

Houses on the other hand will need two airborne sound tests. And we should note that If adjoining houses have separating walls between bedrooms or living rooms, they’ll need a pre-completion sound test too.

If you’re not sure what impact or airborne sound tests are then let us explain.

Impact Noise:

This is a short impulsive force, where some kind of object meets the floor. It could be caused by furniture moving, high heels being walked over a wooden floor or doors slamming.

Airborne Noise:

To keep it simple, airborne noise is sound that travels through the air. This could be from something like the radio or TV, or two people chatting. When it comes to your building, gaps around doors and major cracks will allow the sound to travel so we will test your property to make sure that excess sound is being properly absorbed.

Contact us online or call 0203 371 9801 now to discuss sound testing requirements for your property in South Suffolk or throughout the East of England.


When is the best time to have pre-completion sound insulation testing in South Suffolk?

Ideally when all works have been carried out on your building. You’ll need to have all doors and windows in place, with no carpets laid unless they make up an important part of the floor. On the day of your actual appointment, it’s best to book on a quiet day when you know no construction work will be carried out. This is to prevent your test being hindered in any way.


Could my insulation sound test fail?

Unfortunately, yes. There may be a few reasons why your pre-completion acoustic test might fail. This could be down to poor workmanship or just a couple of minor cracks and gaps that are letting a bit too much sound through. But there’s no need to worry – we can give you advice on the next steps to take and book you in for a re-test once the issues have been rectified. For professional sound insulation testing in South Suffolk, our services cover the whole county and beyond, including Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Haverhill, Ipswich and Felixstowe, so contact us to book a sound test for your new build home or property development.


I’m not sure what some of the more technical terms mean. Help!

The world of sound insulation testing can be a bit a of minefield, so let’s help make it a bit simpler. You may see the term DnT,w+Ctr. This is how we express airborne sound insulation. The higher the level the better, as your partition will be better insulated and more successful at keeping out the sound.

LnT,w is another term we use, and this is an expression of the amount of noise that can be heard in the receiver room. You want this to be lower, which means a lower level of sound can be heard. Finally, Robust Details is another key term you should know about. This is a detail that helps your development comply with Part E requirements – a requirement for all new build dwellings. Pre-registering with Robust Details LTD means you won’t need a pre-completion sound test if your development meets standards. However, if you’re not registered you’ll still need to book a sound insulation test.

And that’s where we can help! To book sound insulation testing in South Suffolk, including Ipswich, Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Haverhill, and throughout the county, get in touch with HA Acoustics today for a bespoke quote.

Call the sound testing experts in South Suffolk now on 0203 371 9801. Get in touch to find out more about sound insulation tests to comply with Part E Building Regulations.


HA Acoustics provide the full range of acoustic consultancy and noise assessment services

Sound testing for new builds and developments, in South Suffolk, is by no means the only acoustic service we provide. The team of acoustic specialists at HA Acoustics provide the full range of acoustic services including mechanical plant testing, noise assessments for licensed premisesnoise at work assessmentssound insulation testing and a complete set of the professional acoustic testing services that you may require.

Learn more about the statutory regulations that our sound testing meets, by reading about UK building regulations on Wikipedia.

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