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Pre-Completion Sound Testing in East Suffolk

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Pre-Completion Sound Testing in East Suffolk

Required sound testing in East Suffolk for new builds and property developments

If you own an East Suffolk new build development, or are converting an existing property, it’s likely you’ll need to think about booking pre-completion sound testing in East Suffolk to meet building regulations. This is to ensure that the level of sound between dwellings is at an acceptable level, as set out by Pre-Completion Testing Regs and in accordance with BS EN ISO 140 and the Building Regulations Approved Document E – ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’. It’s so important that your development is sound tested to ensure that the residents of the property have a good quality of living, so get in touch with us today for a bespoke quote for an acoustic sound testing on your property. We provide sound insulation testing across all areas of East Suffolk, including Ipswich, Lowestoft, Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Felixstowe and Newmarket.

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What happens during pre-completion sound testing in East Suffolk?

Pre completion sound testing in East Suffolk

How airborne and impact sound tests are carried out on your property

Dwellings will generally be tested for airborne and impact sound. During our test for impact sound, we’ll use a sound level meter and a tapping machine to create the noise that you might hear in a home – like footsteps on a wooden floor. We make the noise in the adjoining room, which is called the ‘receiver’ room and then test in the room we’ll be standing in; the ‘source’ room. This will give us a noise level calculation – the lower the better.

Airborne sound, on the other hand, is tested using a loudspeaker and sound level meter. The loudspeaker is used in the source room to create sound, but we measure this noise in the room next door to emulate genuine living conditions. We’ll then record the different noise levels and calculate sound. This time you’re looking for a higher level, which means your partition is doing a good job of keeping out the sound. Contact us online or call 0203 371 9801 now to discuss sound testing for property developments in East Suffolk or across the East of England.


How many acoustic sound tests will my building have?

It depends if you have a house or a flat. Houses will need two airborne acoustic tests to check for airborne sound (like people having a conversation, or example). Flats are different in that they will need one set of floor tests and one set of wall tests. This tests for both airborne and impact sound.


What happens if my dwelling doesn’t pass the pre-completion sound test?

If your pre-completion sound test fails for any reason (because of poor workmanship, for example) then we can help give advice on the next steps and book you in for a re-test. It’s important that whatever has caused you to fail is rectified in order for your dwelling to pass next time around.

Our sound insulation testing services cover the whole of East Suffolk, including Ipswich, Lowestoft, Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Felixstowe and Newmarket, so don’t delay contact us to book your acoustic sound test with us today.

Call the sound insulation testing experts in East Suffolk now on 0203 371 9801, to find out more about sound tests to meet Part E Building Regulations.


HA Acoustics provide the full range of acoustic consultancy and noise assessment services

Sound testing for new builds and developments, in East Suffolk, is by no means the only acoustic service we provide. The team of acoustic specialists at HA Acoustics provide the full range of acoustic services including mechanical plant testing, noise assessments for licensed premisesnoise at work assessmentssound insulation testing and a complete set of the professional acoustic testing services that you may require.

Learn more about the statutory regulations that our sound testing meets, by reading about UK building regulations on Wikipedia.

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