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Noise Monitoring Services

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Remote noise monitoring by HA Acoustics

Noise Monitoring Services

Now that house-building and commercial projects have become more common across the UK, councils are setting out a new requirement that noise and vibration, and sometimes even dust, during the demolition and construction phases of new projects, need to be monitored. Councils are now asking that surveys to measure these noise levels need to be carried out before works start too. To meet the needs of homeowners, small businesses and property developers, professional noise monitoring services ensure that property developments meet regulations and adhere to today’s best practices.

Noise monitoring services by HA Acoustics
Noise monitoring services by HA Acoustics

Why choose HA Acoustics noise monitoring services?

We have years of experience when it comes to monitoring sound and vibration levels from construction sites, to provide accurate results. We hire long-term, automated noise, vibration and dust monitoring stations that work remotely and also offer complete attended noise, dust or vibration monitoring services if you need it. And if you need full consultancy before your project starts, we can provide that too.

We’re also able to offer competitively priced, reliable services to suit all sites and projects. Whatever project you’re working on, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs for noise monitoring services.

Contact us online or call 0203 371 9801 (Head Office) now to discuss noise monitoring services for your property.


Our noise monitoring services:

  • Noise and vibration monitoring for construction projects, including demolition.
  • Noise and vibration monitoring for any length of time, whether short or long-term.
  • Noise, vibration or dust loggers installed on-site nationwide
  • Noise, vibration or dust stations with remote monitoring, 24/7 access and triggers.


What does noise monitoring involve?

When it comes to our noise vibration and/or dust monitoring services, we offer a full level of experience and professional knowledge to make life much easier for you. It’s only right you’ll want to focus on the demolition or construction works at hand, so we can tackle the noise, vibration or dust monitoring while you make sure your project goes without a hitch. If you’re looking after function venues and events, we can provide expert noise monitoring services for those too.

The first step with noise or vibration or dust monitoring is often to make contact with the local council and other important parties involved to ensure all concerns are raised and understood. The right approach, to provide the noise monitoring services you need, will then be agreed towards monitoring and controlling noise levels. Tailoring noise monitoring services typically incudes discussing the number and locations of noise monitoring stations that are required to achieve the best results, the monitoring period, and the type of noise, dust or vibration loggers to be utilised.

To ensure noise monitoring services are effective, it’s important to create a good relationship with all stakeholders from the start, as this will minimise any complications throughout your project.


What does professional noise monitoring include?

All our sound level meters are Class 1 and are Local authority compliant for noise, dust or vibration measurements. The majority of equipment we supply to the site is under 2-years old, but where it is older it will arrive to you fully refurbished and laboratory calibrated. We also offer remote calibration for easy access.

Each meter gives key stakeholders (client, developer, architects, project manager, H&S manager) remote access to real time data. 3G/4G wireless technology used and dependent on the meter supplied by us, enables audio clips to be heard, enabling identification as to whether your site or another activity was the cause. The results are then uploaded in real time onto a webportal, where SMS or email alerts are sent when triggers are exceeded. Alerts are also sent when loss of power or damage has been experienced. All measurements taken are in accordance with BS5228, ISO1996, BS4142, BS8223.


Vibration monitoring services

Vibration monitoring is carried out in order to help protect buildings from harm or damage that could be caused during works. It’s also there to provide accurate documentation in case of claims, giving contractors extra protection in case they need it because of claims against them. Local authorities often require vibration monitoring to be carried out to protect neighbouring homes from long-term effects. If this is necessary, check out our contact page so you can get in touch with us to discuss your construction works.

We use a seismograph to measure the peak particle velocity (also known as P.P.V) to carry out effective vibration monitoring. This is measured in three axes over a defined period. If the criteria is exceeded and too much vibration has been detected, you will be notified by SMS or email in order to make the necessary arrangements to reduce it. Don’t worry – we’re here at every stage to help you with this.

It might also be necessary to provide a supporting document with information on Site Categorisation. This should be shown at the planning stage of your project.

Contact us online or call 0203 371 9801 (Head Office) now to talk about vibration monitoring for your property.


What does vibration monitoring involve?

When it comes to vibration monitoring, it’s really important that a noise and management plan is in place to minimise impact on local houses and businesses. This management plan would involve a summary of predicted noise levels, Best Practicable Means (BPM), and the ways in which you can effectively minimise them. There should be some consideration of neighbour liaison too, in order for the council to support your application. If you need help at any point of this process, contact us today and we can help.


Why choose HA Acoustics for vibration monitoring?

Here are HA Acoustics, we have a whole wealth of experience under our belt in analysing and undertaking noise and vibration levels on a construction site, no matter how big or small the project. We comply with all standards and council requirements to ensure all work is undertaken in accordance with legislation. Don’t delay in getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements further –  the sooner you start, the better.

Contact us online or call 0203 371 9801 (Head Office) now to chat about vibration monitoring for your property.


Dust monitoring services

Dust monitoring is the measurement and analysis of dust levels both on and around a site, typically a demolition or construction site. Airborne particulates can affect the air quality in the surrounding areas, therefore constant monitoring is needed to ensure a site’s dust emissions don’t exceed dust limits.

Overexposure to dust in the air is known to be the cause of serious health problems, therefore local authorities often specify that dust levels on and around a construction site are monitored and kept to within safe levels, so as to protect employees, local residents and transportation networks. At HA Acoustics we offer dust monitoring solutions. Remote data transfers are available, giving 24/7 data, together with trigger levels setting SMS/emails.


Why choose HA Acoustics for dust monitoring?

At HA Acoustics, we install dust monitors on-site, arrange calibration, set limits and trigger alerts, thus enabling your site to undertake demolition and construction activities. We comply with all standards and council requirements to ensure all work is undertaken in accordance with legislation.

If you need help at any point of construction or demolition process, contact us today and we can help.

Contact us online or call 0203 371 9801 (Head Office) now to discuss dust monitoring services for your property.


Why choose us for acoustic services?

Here at HA Acoustics, our team of acoustic engineers have over 10 years of sound testing and acoustic consultancy experience. Our sound experts provide services for residential properties, commercial premises and all types of property developments. We offer the full range of acoustic services, including mechanical plant testing, noise assessments for licensed premisesnoise at work assessmentssound insulation testing. No matter where you’re located in the the UK, our local professionals are ready to provide the acoustic services you need.


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