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Noise Monitoring Of Construction

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Noise Monitoring Of Construction

When you are planning and completing construction projects in London or other areas, it is vital to consider the noise you will be creating. Building noise in built-up areas can have a significant impact on local residents and businesses. As a contractor or developer, it is vital that you make the necessary preparations for this noise pollution.

Local authorities have the right to put restrictions in place to control construction noise levels, and noise monitoring of construction is a popular solution. Recently, HA Acoustics have been completing work in the London Borough of Camden and the London Borough of Westminster and Greenwich. As the local authorities in each region can impose fines or even suspend operations on a construction site if appropriate measures aren’t taken to control the noise, HA Acoustics help to ensure work can go ahead without issue and without a fine.

Furthermore, noise monitoring of construction can also make it easier to get planning applications approved. If you are working on a construction project in London, or elsewhere in the UK, it is important that you understand noise monitoring of construction and how it works.

What Is Noise Monitoring Of Construction?

The construction industry is often a very noisy one, and high levels of noise are very common on building sites. Noise monitoring of construction in London is necessary for both environmental and occupational reasons, and this type of monitoring can be completed using a variety of different instruments.

These instruments and the noise monitoring of construction methods used will vary depending on the needs of the project. It is possible to measure the noise of a construction site over a long period of time, using kits that are fitted to various locations and monitor remotely. You can also measure the noise pollution from a site over a short period of time with a handheld sound meter. At HA Acoustics, we can offer advice regarding the best noise monitor for your project and supply the monitor quickly

How Does Noise Monitoring Of Construction Work?

Many construction projects take place over a number of months and are a phased plan with various different stages of development. Noise monitoring of construction in London and across the country works by measuring the noise levels of a construction site on an ongoing basis.

At every stage of the project, the noise levels will be consistently monitored using remote, long-term noise monitors. This means that construction sites can continuously work safely and stay compliant with the local authorities’ noise regulations.

These noise monitors are installed on construction sites in a safe, professional manner, and are continuously logged and monitored automatically. All the data is recorded and captured through these monitors, and you can log in online to view real-time data on the noise levels of your construction site. Alerts can be configured to let you know if your construction site exceeds its set noise limit. This allows you to rectify the issue and reduce your noise before a penalty or enforcement action from local authorities are made.

Noise monitoring of construction in this way makes it easy for you to manage your construction site safely and compliantly. For example, our noise meters will enable you to replay audio clips so that you can identify the cause of your construction site noise easily. However you want to monitor noise on your construction site in London, HA Acoustics can help, simply get in touch to find out more.

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