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Noise Modelling

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Noise Modelling Services

Engage our expert acoustic engineers to use market leading modelling software to produce detailed noise mapping for your project.

Noise modelling services for Oktoberfest festivalHA Acoustics undertakes environmental noise modelling using commercial modelling software from worldwide distributor, Soundplan. This software implements engineering models, British Standards and industry accepted acoustic calculations to enable predictions of noise propagation.

Through use of noise modelling software, HA Acoustics can incorporate in your sites topography, loading in topographical mapping and aerial photography, natural features such as hard and soft ground and water, man-made structures including bunds, barriers, buildings and other structures, including festivals, speakers, churches, construction sites; as well as transportation sources such as rail, road, carpark, ports and airports.

HA Acoustics can then predict noise at source and propagate this sound out across the landscape; reporting on set levels at receptors.Noise map produced for noise modelling

It’s important when utilising noise modelling software that the acoustic modeller understands the difference between theoretical and engineering models of sound propagation, so that an understanding can be developed of how realistic the model may be. It’s for this reason that HA Acoustics will wherever possible validate the models through attending site to obtain noise measurements at set locations then compare readings taken to that modelled.

Noise map service for cricket nets noise modellingOur noise modelling software enables us to model sound sources either using real-world measured levels that are converted into sound power levels, or using sound power levels provided by manufacturers of noise sources, such as speakers, construction tools such as diggers or generators or taken in laboratory environments. Our noise modelling software means that it’s possible to model the propagation of the noise generated by these objects in various scenarios; for example we can change orientation of a music festivals stage; or draw in an acoustic fence and set its height so as to protect against road traffic; using aerial views we can map out the effects of an existing rail network or a localised hypothetical development such as a dog kennels.

For more information on how our experience in undertaking noise modelling for a variety of noise sources; and using this extremely powerful tool for your proposed demolition, construction, festival or event activity and/or development of residential buildings close to noise sources such as road or rail; then contact HA Acoustics.Noise modelling noise map

Our acoustic assessments, site survey, noise monitoring and then noise modelling packages enables predictions of noise propagation to be made with confidence; enabling the effects of sound reduction to be visualised.