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Noise at Work Survey: Protect Employees from Hearing Damage

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Noise at Work Survey: Protect Employees from Hearing Damage

As an employer, you have a legal duty under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 to protect employees in the workplace from loud noises. To be able to comply with this regulation you need an assessment of the level of noise within the workplace to avoid issues with continual loud noise, which can harm your employee’s health and wellbeing.  

In this guide, we look at the following aspects:

  • The importance of having a noise at work survey;
  • Ensuring compliance;
  • Avoiding irreversible damage to employees;
  • Implementing protection;
  • Who might need a survey;
  • Types of surveys;
  • Benefits;
  • How a survey is undertaken.

The importance of a noise at work survey

Here at Ha-Acoustics, we understand how overexposure to high noise levels within the workplace may lead to some serious implications to the health, which could possibly lead to employees taking legal action against you.

Our noise consultants ensure you are compliant

We have expert noise consultants and engineers who can undertake a noise at work survey that meets the latest directives and regulations to ensure you are compliant.

Avoid irreversible damage to employees health

A survey will detail the level of noise you and your employees are exposed to when working. Continued exposure to high levels of noise day in and day out can lead to loss of hearing, tinnitus and cause irreversible damage.

Implementing protection within the workplace

This can be avoided by having a survey on the premises to establish the level of noise and then implement the correct level of hearing protection for employees. The correct level is essential to ensure employees are not under protected or overprotected. Overprotection can be just as bad as inadequate protection as awareness of surroundings within the workplace can be lost leading to employees being unable to hear fire alarms etc.

Who might need a noise at work survey?

Any workplace where there is a level of constant noise throughout the day may benefit from having a survey. However, it is not just large machinery, for example, used in factories; it can be any noise that is intrusive throughout the majority of the working day. It is any noise that is on a level similar to that found in a crowded restaurant, from a vacuum cleaner or busy street.

Your business might need a survey if you find that employees need to talk in raised voices when talking if they are around two metres apart.

For instance, businesses and companies where a survey is an essential include:

  • Factories;
  • Energy centres;
  • Commercial buildings;
  • Industrial facilities;
  • Warehouses;
  • Woodworking;
  • Foundries;
  • Food production companies;
  • Construction industry;
  • Entertainment industry;
  • Health and fitness industry.

A noise survey may be required by law in any industry or sector where there is a constant level of high noise and employees have long term exposure to that noise.

Types of noise survey

Many employers fail to realise there is a legal requirement for a noise at work survey, which falls under the HSE L108 Controlling Noise at Work guidance. Without a survey, employers are breaking the law. A survey is required for all of the above industries and sectors along with any workplace where there is a constant level of noise. This is to ensure compliance with the HSE standards set out.

A noise survey typically includes sound engineers coming into the workplace to undertake testing of levels of noise from such as machinery and recommend the level of noise protection for employees, plus providing hearing tests within the workplace.

Key benefits of a noise survey

Here are some of the key benefits of having a survey for your business.

  • You are compliant with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 as you are ensuring your business is operating within the legal noise exposure limits;
  • You are protecting employees from health issues such as tinnitus and deafness;
  • You identify and protect which of your employees require surveillance within the workplace;
  • You are protecting yourself and your business against possible prosecution and fines;
  • You can assess any control measures you already have in place as to how effective they are;
  • You can obtain professional advice on reducing and controlling noise in your workplace effectively;
  • You know which regions of your workplace require protection to be worn;
  • You can create a workplace that is healthier and safer.

How a survey is undertaken

A noise at work survey is complex with many factors taken into account. On booking your noise assessment, our experienced acoustic consultants will come to the workplace and first get an idea of what takes place on the premises. They will also bring specialist instruments required to measure the level of noise in your workplace.

During this survey, the consultants will ask for information about your employees and noise generation within the workplace.

Our consultants will talk about the legislation to ensure you are up to date with the legality aspects of noise within the workplace then go ahead and undertake the survey, measuring the level of noise for processes along with making acoustic calculations. If the level of noise our consultant’s measure is excessive, advice about protection you can put into place to protect your employees will be given.

Our specialists will provide you with a technical report that is detailed yet laid out in a manner you will be able to understand. This report will comply with the Local Authority (LA) Council H&S Environmental Health departments and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) departments.

If needed, our consultants will also provide advice about the implementation of noise management along with making health check visits to your premises.  

Contact us, Ha-Acoustics for your noise survey

Contact Ha-Acoustics to undertake your noise assessment at work. We provide friendly and professional advice and offer a fast turnaround time.

We provide Local Authority H&S Environments Health and HSE compliant reports and provide help and advice in any situation where the daily exposure level is exceeded leaving employees at risk.

Give us a call today or contact us via our contact form for a no-obligation quote for your noise at work survey and one of our experienced team will get back to you.   

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