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Noise at Work Assessments

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Noise At Work Assessments

Engage our expert acoustic consultants to control noise at work to protect employees and comply with noise at work regulations.

Over-exposure to high levels of noise in the workplace can lead to serious health implications for employee(s), potentially resulting in legal action against the employer.

HA Acoustics are experienced and competent to undertake noise at work assessments according to the latest noise at work regulations and European directives in order to ensure your business meets compliance.

HA Acoustics undertake noise at work assessments nationwide.

Noise at work sound testing by acoustic experts in Essex, London and South EastAcoustic Consultants Providing Onsite Workplace Noise Assessments

Our acoustic specialists will attend your workplace, talk through your business activities, number of employees and noise generating processes. We’ll guide you through the legislation, measure noise levels for each process and undertake the acoustic calculations, and where necessary, should measured noise levels be deemed excessive, advise on mitigation measures.

Our acoustic specialists will produce a detailed, technical report. The report will be laid out in an easy to understand manner and meet Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authority (LA) Council H&S Environmental Health departments compliance requirements. Where necessary, we shall work with your business to advise on implementing noise management plans and undertake health check surveillance visits.

HA Acoustics provide professional, friendly, advice with a quick turnaround from site visit to production of report:

  • HA Acoustics attend your business, to undertake Noise Exposure / at work assessment
  • Noise exposure assessment and report covering the ‘Control of Noise at Work’ (2005) and the ‘Control of Vibration at Work’ (2005).
  • Manual measurements of the different processes that your business undertakes (e.g. printing, stamping, welding for metal manufacturer’s, vehicle movements, tyre changing and drilling.
  • HSE compliant and Local Authority H&S Environmental Health compliant technical reports
  • Where the daily exposure level (LEP,d) is exceeded for employee(s), mitigation and design advice is given.

Noise at work assessments by acoustic consultants in Essex, London and South EastAn employer is required under the Noise at work Regulations 2005 to identify the exposure of excessive noise to their employee(s). The Control of Noise at Work Regulations (CoNAWR) have been developed in order to comply with the European Union Physical Agents (Noise) Directive (2003/10/EC) which aims to protect workers from risks to their health arising from exposure to noise

HA Acoustics can assist your business to meet these obligations, call today for an informal discussion and no-obligation quotation.