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What you need to know about noise assessments

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What you need to know about noise assessments


For local authorities in the UK, there are lots of planning regulations to adhere to when building new residential dwellings. In terms of acoustics and noise, it is likely that the local authority will ask you to meet the requirements of the British Standard 8233, also known as BS8233.

What are the standards I need to meet?

British Standards are known for providing information and guidance surrounding a range of issues. In the noise survey standard, BS8233, the guidelines give directions of sound insulation and noise reductions. The standard helps to provide information to help with reducing the noise in new buildings but also helps with those who are refurbishing buildings or changing the use of the building.

Noise is an essential factor to consider in construction and can seriously impact development opportunities if it has not been carefully considered. If your proposed property development is near potentially loud areas such as a railway, main road, airport, busy city or industrial area, then appropriate noise sensitive development must be used to help create a habitable environment for residents.

Planning with noise in mind

To ensure your proposed development plans continue with seamless success, then you need to make sure that your planning process covers noise as a major factor in your development. If your local authority has given your proposed development a planning condition for a noise impact assessment, then Healthy Abode Acoustics can help.

What Healthy Abode Acoustics can do for your planning application

With a team of trained, qualified surveyors and years of experience, then we can help to provide your property development company with a BS8233 residential development noise report.

We can be there to support your company with the planning of the developments. At Healthy Abode Acoustics we know how to meet the necessary noise and acoustic planning requirements for new builds and dwelling conversions and are happy to work with you at whatever stage your development is at. We can help architects, contractors and developers with their plans and to make sure that your plans meet the requirements of BS8233.

For an assessment, we will start with an initial project discussion which will cover your site layouts, planning conditions and current project projections. We will then visit your development site personally to measure the existing noise in the environment.

From there, we can analyse the data we have collected and use the data alongside the guidelines of BS8233 to make practical suggestion and advice on design elements to enable your project to meet local authority regulations and to ensure your project can go ahead.

Once you are happy with our findings, we will then produce a noise assessment report that you can use to submit the professional findings to the local authority’s planning department.

Arrange your noise assessment

If you’d like to discuss your next property development project and arrange your noise assessment report with Healthy Abode Acoustics, then get in touch with our team by phone or email. Our qualified acousticians can help to ensure you are provided with a tailored acoustic report that can support your planning application or help to rectify any remedial actions that have been suggested.


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