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Hire Construction Noise Monitoring Systems

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Construction noise monitoring by HA Acoustics

Hire Construction Noise Monitoring Systems

See why you need to hire fully automated construction noise monitoring equipment to control and limit noise on your site.

Why do you need a construction noise monitoring system?

When it comes to construction, the term ‘noise monitoring’ is used to describe the measure and analysis of sound levels that occur on a work site. Construction noise monitoring is a really important step in the construction phase due to the amount of unwanted noise that can come from a site, and the negative impact it can have on communities, people and animals. As a result, local authorities tend to impose noise restrictions to try and lessen the impact on residents and surrounding businesses.

On the flip side, construction noise that is too loud can cause hearing damage to the workers both using and in the vicinity of noisy machines. It only takes a short period of time for the damage to be done, and exposure to extended periods of construction noise can have a long-term effect. Noise at Work (2005) regulations set out that employers have a duty of care to their employees, and are expected to take appropriate measures to reduce the risk that loud noises can have on its workers’ hearing and overall welfare. This is especially the case if construction projects are due to take years to complete. That’s where the value of construction noise monitoring systems can’t be underestimated.

Contact us online or call 0203 371 9801 (Head Office) now to discuss your requirements for construction noise monitoring. We operate across the UK.


Construction noise monitoring systems by HA Acoustics

Environmental noise monitoring systems for construction

To accurately monitor sound levels from a construction site, HA Acoustics offers effective construction noise monitoring solutions. We hire long-term, automated remote noise monitoring stations, offering either hire, installation, collection or full consultancy advice. We also offer complete attended noise, dust or vibration monitoring services if you need it.


What noise monitoring solutions do you offer for construction and work sites?

To ensure accurate noise monitoring, we use dedicated noise monitoring equipment, we have partnered with three equipment suppliers, ensuring you get the equipment that suits your sites locality best. The environmental monitor continuously logs the environment and uses the latest technology to capture, record and assess data using 4G wireless systems. The benefit of this is you can login through a web portal to see real-time data. And to allow you to take swift action against potential penalties or enforcement action, with our construction noise monitoring systems, you can set trigger alerts to prompt your operator, site or project managers to take action when noise triggers are exceeded.

Key features of our construction noise monitoring equipment for long-term, unattended, remote noise monitoring:
  • All noise monitoring  equipment is Class 1.
  • Majority of equipment supplied to site is under 2-years old. Where equipment exceeds 2-years, it has been laboratory calibrated and refurbished. Is Local Authority compliant for noise measurement.
  • Measures environmental and occupational noise.
  • Calculates noise exposure.
  • Measurements takes are in accordance with BS5228, ISO1996, BS4142, BS8223
  • Fully complies with workplace legislation.
  • 3G/4G wireless technology used.
  • Dependent on meter supplied, enables audio clips to be heard, enabling identification as to whether your site or another activity was the cause.
  • Uploads real time results onto a webportal.
  • Gives key stakeholder (client, developer, architects, project manager, H&S manager remote access to real time data
  • Sends SMS/email alerts when triggers are exceeeded
  • Sends SMS/email alerts when loss of power/damage
  • Can be calibrated for remote noise monitoring.


Other important construction noise monitoring features you should know:
  • Minimum hire period – HA Acoustics specialises in short-term hire, our hire price reduces with time equipment is left on site for.
  • You will be charged from day of install.
  • Delivery will be made by a competent, trained acoustician, who holds membership with the Institute of Acoustics.
  • Installation services available.
  • Collection of equipment available, at a convenient time to suit.
  • Noise monitoring services available.
  • Site installation available at short notice.
  • We guarantee safe, secure storage of your noise monitoring data.
  • We’re acoustic consultants, not just a hire company/equipment manufacturer, therefore we’re on hand to answer questions, locate equipment in the most suitable place, write bespoke reports, give advice and guidance, supporting your project and taking the hassle and associated costs away from noise monitoring by one of your own team.

Contact us online or call 0203 371 9801 (Head Office) to find out more about noise monitoring solutions to suit your construction site. We operate across the UK.


Reducing the environmental noise levels on your construction site

During environmental noise monitoring, you may find that you need to reduce the sound coming from your construction site and/or particular activities. While this can be tricky in busy and loud construction areas – especially where lots of equipment is used (and often at the same time), there are a few effective ways in which you can do this. As consultants HA Acoustics have the experience to advise and support you.


Our top construction noise tips to protect residents and employee’s hearing:
  1. Make sure all equipment used within the construction site is properly maintained. This may involve having parts repaired or replacing noisy, non-optimised equipment altogether, but taking simple measures to improve how your equipment is performing can have a drastic impact on the level of sound each one is emitting.
  2. If your equipment is feeling stiff to use, or features parts that have become overly heavy or noisy, add the right amount of oil to ensure moving parts move freely without making any unnecessary sound.
  3. If possible, apply mufflers to equipment to reduce the amount of sound they are making. This will positively benefit the employers working with these tools, too – in turn helping to protect their hearing.
  4. To complement the above, train employees in effective working methods to reduce sound. By making them aware about potential hearing loss and its seriousness, you could make positive steps to improve the attitudes towards excessive sound, therefore reducing it by implementing good working habits.
  5. Where possible, always use acoustic barriers.
  6. Also, try to move air compressors away from your workers, too. This will protect their hearing in the long run.

To find out more about HA Acoustic’s remote environmental noise monitoring solutions, get in touch today! Call 0203 371 9801 (Head Office) to find out more about noise monitoring solutions.


Why choose HA Acoustics for noise monitoring and acoustic services?

HA Acoustics sound engineers have over 10 years’ experience of providing professional noise monitoring solutions and acoustic consultancy services. Our sound experts provide services for both the construction industry and commercial properties. In addition to construction noise monitoring, HA Acoustics also offer a full range of acoustic services, including mechanical plant testing, noise assessments for licensed premisesnoise at work assessmentssound insulation testing. Your local acoustic experts are ready to provide the acoustic services you need, no matter where you’re located in the UK.

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