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Building Acoustics

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Acoustics in Buildings


Acoustic design in buildings is a fundemental aspect of architecture. Good acoustic design helps us to sleep at night, learn at school and recover faster in hospital. 

There are three main aspects of acoustic design in buildings, namely; internal ambient noise levels, sound insulation between spaces and reverberation time. Each type of building requires a bespoke solution and is required to meet different performance criteria, which can also entail third party certification schemes like BREEAM. HA Acoustics are specialists in acoustics in all types of buildings, from universities to cinemas.


Residential spaces includes apartments, houses and hotels. If noise is not mitigated, residents can suffer from noise disruption from neighbours, traffic and even planes travelling overhead. This can have serious implications on health and well-being.  

HA Acoustics provide architectural acoustic consultancy, in line with The Building Regulations Approved Document E, to designers. We cover all stages of design, from planning, through RIBA stages 1-5 and also we also provide UKAS accredited sound insulation testing.



Educational environments such as nurseries, schools, colleges and universities are varied in nature and each scheme requires bespoke acoustic design. 

Guidelines on acoustic integrity of schools and learning spaces conside criteria from Building Bulletin (BB93), and BREEAM (where applicable) into well designed classrooms and teaching environments.

Education Acoustics


Environments such as hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries are usually required to meet performance criteria under the HTM 08-01 regulation.

These spaces require expert noise control to maintain the well-being of patients. Improper sound control can have negative impacts on recovery and overall standard of care to patients. 



Places of Worship

Places of worship have been renowned for their acoustics for thousands of years.

From quiet spaces of tranquility used for meditation and prayer, to large spaces where the large reverberance creates ambience and reinforcement during song and praise. Places of worship are complex and interesting with regards to acoustics.

HA Acoustics have worked on many such spaces using our expertise and modern 3D modelling techniques.

Music & Performance

Spaces used for music, theatre, cinema and performance are often very large in nature, which results in a complicated acoustic environment.

To ensure these spaces have an optimal listening environment, advanced acoustic algorithms are used in the design of spaces. HA Acoustics work with our clients to create realistic and accurate 3D models of performance spaces. This allows us to explore the listening environment of a space before a brick has been laid.

Offices and Commercial

HA Acoustics specialise in collaborating on architectural projects designing acoustically sound commercial environments such as offices, call centres, conference centres and meeting rooms.

An optimal acoustic environment enables teams and workers to focus and work well. Poor acoustic design leads high noise levels, poor speech transmission and affects people’s ability to concentrate.


Office Acoustics