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BS8233 Noise Survey for Residential Housing

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BS8233 noise survey by HA Acoustics

BS8233 Noise Survey for Residential Housing

How HA Acoustics can provide a BS8233 noise survey as part of planning applications with the Local Authority.

If you’re building or developing a residential property, then you will need planning permission from the Local Authority. As part of this planning application, it is likely that you will require a noise impact assessment to make sure your building’s internal and external noise levels are at an appropriate level. It is desirable that these noise levels are in accordance with BS8233:2014. You may or may not be familiar with this British Standard. If you’re not, it provides guidance on what the noise levels should be, allowing residents to live, rest and sleep in peace and without interuption from outside noises. BS8233 also provides guidance on how to achieve these sound levels through the design of your property and specific building methods to achieve the desired end-result.

To put it simply…

BS 8233 (2014) – “Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings” deals with the control of noise from outside the building, noise from plant and services within it and room acoustics and suggests appropriate criteria and limits for different situations.

Do you need a BS8233 noise survey?

In many cases, a planning application for a new or converted residential dwelling, such as a house, flat, nursing home or hotel (to name a few) is proposed to be built near a source of transport noise, like a road, airport or railway; or in towns near such noise emitting sources as factories, pubs, nightclubs, schools etc . If this is the case with your development then during the planning permission stage, your Local Authority is likely to request a B8233 noise survey. This is to make sure that the internal and external noise levels meet regulations to ensure residents enjoy a good quality of living.

Your Local Authority can request a BS8233 noise report before the planning application has been accepted if they feel that noise levels could be too high; they’ll want reassurance that the levels are acceptable. Once requested, a noise survey must be undertaken to ensure that sound levels comply with National Planning and Policy Framework and Noise Policy Statement for England.

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How can HA Acoustics help with a BS8233 noise survey?

We are experts when it comes to sound and can cover all aspects of noise testing. Our trained, qualified surveyors have years of experience under their belt, and can help to provide your property development company with a BS8233 residential development noise report. HA Acoustics operate nationwide.

During your noise survey, we will calculate a measurement of the sound environment where your development is due to be built. This will help us determine the potential noise impact, taking all measurements in accordance with BS8233. Afterwards, we can recommend practical solutions to help your development meet local regulations to ensure your project can go ahead.

Our calculations and findings will then lay the foundations for your noise report, which you can present to your Local Authority to support your planning application. Our detailed noise monitoring service uses state of the art, Class 1 sound level meters to accurately capture the local noise climate.

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What will be in your noise report?

During a noise survey, we will position microphones externally over a specific time period to measure the sound that’s produced. This will most likely be from road traffic or transportation if you’re near a train track or airport. In the noise report, we will outline how the designs of your development will ensure that noise levels comply with BS8233, and which measures are being implemented to guarantee compliance.

Our noise survey will outline the purpose and objectives of the report, with a clear, detailed review of the development and its designs. We will also provide a description of the noises found on site and in the surrounding areas, and the methods that have been used to assess the sounds found. We will also provide a list of equipment used, along with a weather summary and details of the day itself. This will allow us to also provide a summary of the results and an assessment of these in accordance with British Standards. We’ll round off with our suggestions and recommendations to help your development meet the expectations of future residents.

All of the above will give you a comprehensive look at what you need to look at and work on before receiving full planning permission from your Local Authority. In some cases you may find that you’re already on track to complying with BS8233, but if not then this is the best time for us to work together with you to make sure your development is fully compliant, ensuring there are solid steps in place to help you achieving compliance with BS8233.

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