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BREEAM - HEA05 and POL05

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is an assessment method used in infrastructure and building design to provide certification in environmental, social and economic sustainability performance. 

The increased level of performance obtained in a BREEAM rated development is often higher than normal, and as such these schemes are often more comfortable for staff or residents residing in them.

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What does acoustics have to do with BREEAM or sustainability? Under the BREEAM scheme there are two sub-sections which are relevant. The first one is ‘Health and Welbeing’.

As summarised in the ‘BREEAM UK New Construction 2018’ guidance document:

“This category encourages the increased health, wellbeing and safety of building users. Issues within this category reward building design and specification decisions that create a healthy, safe and comfortable internal and external environment”

Acoustic performance is covered under HEA05, where minimum performance levels are set for numerous schemes such as; residential institutions, Offices, Healthcare, Education, law courts,  industrial, retail, prisons and others. The criteria for each type of development changes but can include testing and design of:

  • Sound Insulation
  • Internal Ambient Noise Levels
  • Reverberation Time and Speech Transmission

HA Acoustics have over 10 years experience in designing to BREEAM specifications for offices, school & universities, residential buildings and more. 


The second item in BREEAM that requires specialist acoustic design advice is regarding polution which is summarised in  ‘BREEAM UK New Construction 2018’ guidance document:

This category addresses the prevention and control
of pollution and surface water run-off associated
with the building’s location and use. Issues in this
section aim to reduce the building’s impact on
surrounding communities and environments arising
from light pollution, noise, flooding and emissions
to air, land and water.

Acoustic performance is covered in POL05, where the noise polution from the building and associated plant is designed to have as little impact on neighboring properties and wildlife as possible.

A single credit is usually available under POL05, providing criteria can be met at nearby noise sensitive receptors, such as;

  • Residential areas
  • Hospitals, health centres, care homes, doctors surgeries etc
  • Schools, colleges and other teaching environments
  • Libraries 
  • Places of worship
  • Wildlife areas, historic landscapes, parks and gardens,
  • Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beuty or Near a Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • Any other development that can be considered Noise-sensitive

HA Acoustics carry out both design stage and post-completion testing for HEA05 and POL05. If you require assistance with your scheme, please get in touch for a quote.