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The Benefits Of Long-Term Remote Noise Monitoring

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Remote noise monitoring by HA Acoustics

The Benefits Of Long-Term Remote Noise Monitoring

Ensuring regulatory compliance is essential to the success of your demolition, construction, oil and gas, engineering or industrial project. Maintaining environmental compliance prevents unnecessary delays to project schedules. Delays which can significantly add to the cost and, therefore, reduce the profitability of a project. To help ensure you meet your compliance requirements, HA Acoustics offer long-term remote noise monitoring as well as solutions for remotely monitoring dust and vibration too.

How long-term remote noise monitoring works

After letting the team know your requirements for monitoring. Our qualified team will travel to your site and carefully install the noise, vibration or dust monitoring devices. These will be situated in the most convenient space to ensure the most accurate results but as minimally disruptive as possible to your project and your team.

Once the devices are installed, the long-term remote noise monitoring will get to work using the latest technology. The monitors will capture and record the necessary data and accessed through 3G wireless systems. Site managers will be able to view and assess the real-time data through the web portal. Alternatively, our consultants can set trigger alerts to your senior team to let them know when levels have been exceeded.

What are the benefits of our long-term remote noise monitoring solutions?

Take prompt action

Ensure the safety of your team and make sure your project remains compliant by taking action immediately. By setting trigger levels for your monitors, your senior team will know as soon as your upper limit has been exceeded. With the alert, received either via SMS or email, your team can act straight away to either halt the activity or use an alternative method to get the desired results while remaining compliant.

Identify the problem

Our long-term remote noise monitoring solutions also offer playback of audio clips. With these audio clips, your team can then identify the cause of the noise so that it can be remedied. It can also help to prove your noise levels have not been exceeded if the cause for the noise was a siren, aircraft overhead or another external factor.

Detailed records

Make sure you have all of the necessary records on hand for your auditors with full data reporting. Through our safe and secure web portal, your team can access detailed reports at a frequency level to suit you, whether that is daily, weekly or monthly. You can then receive data in a tabular or graph format to suit your needs.

These can be ideal for ensuring regulatory compliance and shows your commitment as a business to recognise and adhere to high health and safety standards. As a result, this can not only improve employee engagement, but it can help you to win more work and establish yourself as an industry leader.

Are you looking for long-term remote noise monitoring solutions for your project?

HA Acoustics can help you with the quick and simple installation on noise, dust and vibration monitoring devices; ideal for all projects and industries. From construction sites to festivals, motorsports to airports we have the solutions for your needs. Simply get in touch for free no-obligation advice.

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