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Why You Need Construction Noise Monitoring

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Construction noise monitoring by HA Acoustics

Why You Need Construction Noise Monitoring

Construction projects and building work in London and beyond can be a nuisance to local business and residents living in the area. Many local authorities, such as London Borough of Camden and London Borough of Westminster and Greenwich, may put certain restrictions in place in order to control construction noise levels and reduce the impact this has on residents.

Construction noise monitoring is an easy and simple way to ensure your construction project is following best practices. Furthermore, it makes sure you are not causing problems to the local area and with local authorities. If you are undergoing a construction or building project in London or surrounding areas, and unsure if construction noise monitoring is necessary for you, read on to find out why you need construction noise monitoring London.

What Is The Control Of Pollution Act?

The Control of Pollution Act (CoPA) 1974, has a section relating specifically to noise pollution, with Section 60 and Section 61 focusing primarily on construction noise. As a developer or contractor of a construction or demolition project, it is essential that you are aware of both Section 60 and Section 61. Consequently, you need to have appropriate construction noise monitoring in place.

Section 60 gives the local authority power to serve a notice to a contractor or developer that imposes restrictions on the construction project. These restrictions could be imposed at any time with no warning. However, it is usually a response from the local authority because of complaints from local residents or businesses.

The notice can restrict the type of construction that can be carried out, the times of day work can be completed, and the level of noise that can the work can emit from the site.

Section 61 includes the process of applying to a local authority for the consent of works before they begin. This consent is referring to the noise from a construction site and is granted based on the information that is provided during the application. If consent has been granted and the construction is carried out as defined in the application, then the local authorities can’t serve a Section 60 notice.

How Can Construction Noise Monitoring Help?

Construction noise monitoring London is essential for developers and contractors as it can help to get a Section 61 agreement approved. When you employ construction noise monitoring for your project, you can demonstrate that mitigation measures are being implemented to minimise and monitor the level of noise.

Construction noise monitoring is easy to arrange and won’t get in the way of your project. Long-term, unattended noise monitors can be installed safely onto your construction site, and are constantly captured, recorded and checked.

Alerts can be set up to inform you when a trigger is exceeded on your construction site, so you can take appropriate measures to keep your noise pollution in check and avoid penalties or enforcement actions. Construction noise monitoring is often a complex task that is best carried out by experienced professionals.

Furthermore, as a construction site is a potentially hazardous environment, and if you are undergoing phased construction work, then the chances are your monitoring points will need to change multiple times throughout the process. With this in mind, HA Acoustics can be on hand to provide the expert advice and tools you need to remain compliant throughout your project. To discuss your next construction project, get in touch with our team by calling 0203 371 9801.


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